We have a team of highly technical code ninjas that each have ancillary skills in marketing, design, and consultation to execute end to end solutions.
  • We are NOT a marketing agency. 
We support marketing companies and departments by developing custom systems to streamline business operations and marketing efforts. Meet the team.

  • We do NOT specialize in "canned" solutions.
We can support them, we can rebuild them, and we can certainly install them. But one application does not fit every business model. We specialize in custom, automated web based systems, applications, and enterprise level solutions. View Business Solutions.

  • We are NOT a one trick pony. 
We are adaptable and innovative. We keep up on new technology trends. We support and enhance every project we develop. We provide long term, growth oriented technologies and applications consistent with industry best practices. See our Our Work.

  • We ARE a fast paced, innovative team that uses over 50 years of combined technical and business knowledge to provide the RIGHT solution for YOUR BUSINESS.
We believe that success goes far beyond a talented team. We are a team of geeks that value growth, flexibility, fairness, and knowledge... and we foster a love for video games, sci-fi books, and the latest and greatest tech toys. Cliq2 is committed to upholding our core values as we continue to grow. We are consistently refining our craft to improve every day, and we love doing what we do!

Need help streamlining your business operations? Have a question? Want to join our dojo of code ninjas? Contact us here!

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